It's Bring Your Dog to Work Day! Volunteering at Animal Friends

animal friends at the us steel tower in pittsburgh

Today is Bring Your Dog to Work Day, and we hope at least a few of you were able to bring your favorite canine with you. We are unable to bring our furry friends into our offices, but luckily a sweet beagle from Animal Friends celebrated early by traveling with shelter staff members to the courtyard outside the building to do some outreach.

Meanwhile, six Edgar Snyder & Associates staff members spent the day volunteering at this no-kill shelter located in the North Hills of Pittsburgh. The group learned about the history of Animal Friends, took a tour of the beautiful facility, and headed outside to do some yard work around the facility grounds. For a much needed break from the sun, everyone got an opportunity to blow bubbles outside of the "cat condos" as a stimulating activity for the cats, and then for the dogs as well.

The group enjoyed helping out and visiting with the residents available for adoption as part of the law firm's community service activities. One staff member shared: "Hearing stories about some of the animals' rough beginnings was pretty intense during our visit, but learning how Animal Friends is able to turn their lives around was very inspiring and uplifting."

community service volunteering at animal friends

Our Partnership With Animal Friends

Whether you have a Labrador retriever, a German shepherd, or a mixed breed, there are many factors that determine a pet's behavior. Animal Friends does several things to evaluate a dog's personality and level of obedience. They then work with the dogs daily to socialize and train them, and help to find the best fit for their forever homes.

We believe Animal Friends' efforts help their dogs to be happier, healthier, and better trained, thereby preventing dog bites and injuries. That's why we've partnered with the shelter and have sponsored scholarships for you and your dog to attend classes and events throughout the year. To apply for a scholarship and to learn more, visit our partnership with Animal Friends webpage.