Study Reveals Surprising Statistics on Designated Drivers

designated driver's keys next to alcohol

A recent study has revealed that having a designated driver might be ineffective, because many drink alcohol before getting behind the wheel.

Researchers tested over 1,000 people for their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level as they left bars. They found that 165 of the test subjects claimed to be designated drivers, but many of them did not refrain from drinking. Only 65 percent of the "designated drivers" had a 0 percent BAC level, and 18 percent of them had a BAC level of 0.05 percent or higher.

Officials believe the statistics might mean that people do not choose designated drivers because they won't be drinking. Rather, they choose designated drivers based on who will be drinking the least.

The study wasn't widely conducted, but officials say it sheds light on the importance of being aware of drunk driving dangers. The law offices of Edgar Snyder & Associates, who have represented victims of drunk driving accidents, recommends using the following resources for remembering to stay safe while driving:

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