June 2013 Archive

Despite their family-friendly reputation, fireworks are more dangerous than many believe them to be. Last year, more than 5,000 people were sent to U.S. emergency rooms with injuries caused by fireworks during the 30 days surrounding the July 4 holiday.

The Supreme Court has ruled that patients cannot sue generic drug manufacturers for defectively designed drugs. The ruling overturns a verdict that awarded a woman $21 million after a horrific skin reaction to a generic version of the pain killer sulindac.

The nation's largest medical device manufacturer, Medtronic, has funded and released the results of an independent review of its Infuse Bone Graft product. The results of the review confirm that the product may pose more risks than benefits for patients.

At a recent Marcellus Shale conference, the US Environmental Protection Agency announced that their study on shale-drilling's effect on drinking water will not be complete until 2016.

Today is Bring Your Dog to Work Day, and we hope at least a few of you were able to bring your favorite canine with you. We are unable to bring our furry friends into our offices, but luckily a sweet beagle from Animal Friends celebrated early by traveling with shelter staff members to the courtyard outside the building to do some outreach.

A couple weeks ago I published a blog post about swimming pool safety, and I wanted to follow up with a common misconception I recently read about: drowning doesn't look like drowning. Most of us have only seen someone "drowning" on TV, where the victim splashes violently, calls for help, and gasps for air. In reality, drowning is a tragically quiet event that often goes unnoticed (or unrealized) until it's too late.

This past Friday, the manufacturer Baby Matters agreed to a recall of its Nap Nanny and Nap Nanny Chill infant recliner products. The recall comes as part of a settlement in a lawsuit the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) filed against the manufacturer in December 2012.

A few weeks ago I was happy to announce that several partners and attorneys at our law firm have been named to the list of Pennsylvania Super Lawyers for 2013. Today I am proud to share that we also have six more attorneys who have been selected to the 2013 Pennsylvania Rising Stars list.

Attorneys included on the Rising Stars list are nominated by their peers as being the best up-and-coming attorneys who are age 40 and under or who have been practicing 10 years or less.

Attorney Gerald Hutton of Edgar Snyder & Associates has been elected to membership in the Academy of Trial Lawyers of Allegheny County. The Academy was founded in 1959 as an organization of trial lawyers to assist in the fair and efficient administration of justice.

Vehicle technology is constantly evolving. It's hard to believe that there are cars we can plug in and cars that can park themselves. I think it's great that manufacturers are trying to make vehicles more efficient and safer, but unfortunately, some new functions aren't as safe as they intended them to be.

With the progression of medicine and injury prevention in today’s sports, one type of injury is the focus again and again: head injury. Sports such as football and hockey usually are the focus because their gameplay typically involves violent collisions, but surprisingly enough, the sport that causes the most head injuries is not a contact sport.

Vacations are a time to hang out with family and friends, celebrate an occasion, or escape from our hectic lives. Most people never expect to be injured during a vacation, but unfortunately it happens. You may spend more time outdoors, partake in activities like cycling or swimming, or ride ATVs or motorcycles. Families often drive many miles on roads and highways, which always creates the risk of a collision as well.

A recent study has revealed that having a designated driver might be ineffective, because many drink alcohol before getting behind the wheel.

It’s that time of year again – thousands of local teens and college students participate in graduation ceremonies. On behalf of our partners and staff at Edgar Snyder & Associates, I want to congratulate this year’s graduates. We hope you enjoy your parties and celebrations.

Many companies, including well-known brands like Wrigley's, Kraft, and PepsiCo, have started adding caffeine to a variety of food products such as potato chips, waffles, and marshmallows. These products are becoming increasingly popular (U.S. sales reached $1.6 billion in 2012 alone), but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is beginning to raise questions about the products' safety.

Just when medical officials and consumer groups thought the controversies surrounding the dangerous drug Avandia were over, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) decided to reopen the case against the drug manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline.

The medical device company Intuitive Surgical has been marketing its revolutionary surgical robot "da Vinci®" by saying it is minimally invasive, leaving patients in less pain with faster recovery. Unfortunately, recent evidence and lawsuits show that isn't always the case.