Pennsylvania Ranks High for Dog Bites

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Today marks the start of National Dog Bite Prevention Week. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) estimates that more than 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs in the United States each year, and of these people, 800,000 will need medical attention for their injuries. To raise awareness, State Farm Insurance® and the United States Postal Service (USPS) have released national rankings of the most dog bite insurance claims by state and the most dog attacks on postal workers by city.

State Farm® ranked Pennsylvania at number five on its list of states with the most insurance claims for dog bites. In 2012, Pennsylvania had 165 total claims worth $4.5 million. The USPS also ranked Pennsylvania high on its list: it ranked Philadelphia, PA at number five with 34 attacks on postal workers in 2012.

The AVMA offers these safety tips to help prevent a dog bite as well as what to do if you're threatened by a dog:

  • Don't run past a dog. Dogs instinctively love to catch things, and your actions will be an invitation for a dog to chase you.
  • Don't bother a dog that's caring for puppies, sleeping, or eating.
  • Allow a dog to sniff you. Once the dog determines you're not a threat, it'll go away.
  • Remain calm when threatened by a dog. Don't yell; speak calmly and firmly. Avoid eye contact, and never turn and run. Stay still until the dog leaves, or if you must, back away slowly until the dog is out of sight.
  • If you are knocked to the ground, curl yourself into a ball and use your hands to protect your face, head, and neck.

For dog owners, the AVMA recommends training and socializing your dog from a young age, obeying leash laws, and exercising your dog regularly.

Were You a Victim of a Dog Bite?

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