Upcoming on "No Fee TV": Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycle Safety

On last week's "No Fee TV" episode, we discussed spring and summer injury prevention. People are spending more time outside, and you might have already heard the familiar rumble of a motorcycle.

May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. On our next show we'll share information about the laws that impact drivers and motorcyclists, as well as injury prevention tips. A partner and litigation manager Attorney Michael Rosenzweig, and Rocky Marks, Operations Manager at Hot Metal Harley-Davidson, will join host Shelley Duffy for a show you won't want to miss.

The show will air live on PCNC on Tuesday, April 30, from 7:30-8pm, and will re-air on Saturday, May 4, from 12:30-1pm. I encourage you to call in with your motorcycle safety questions at 412-333-PCNC.

Local cable channels include:

  • Comcast, Channel 35
  • Armstrong, Channel 31 and 41
  • Atlantic Broadband, Channel 63
  • Verizon Fios, Channel 9

Also, be sure to check out our Motorcycle Safety Resource Center – featuring various articles on safety, state-by-state helmet laws and insurance laws, information on custom motorcycles, and more.

On behalf of our staff at Edgar Snyder & Associates, I wish you a safe and injury-free motorcycle season.