Study Shows Alcohol Only One Part of the Equation in Underage Drinking Deaths

teen drinking underage

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is busy raising awareness about the dangers of underage drinking as prom and graduation season quickly approaches. Many people blame drunk driving crashes as the cause for the most teen deaths, but the group highlights other dangers of underage drinking.

According to 2010 federal government data, less than one-third of the 4,700 underage drinking-related deaths in the United States resulted due to traffic collisions. Thirty-two percent of the drinking-related deaths among people ages 15-20 were caused by car accidents, while the remaining 68 percent involved different situations, including murder (30 percent), suicide (14 percent), alcohol poisoning (9 percent), and other causes (15 percent).

MADD released the findings as part of Alcohol Awareness Month and encourages parents to talk with their teens about the dangers of underage drinking versus drinking underage.

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