Shocking DUI Program Impacts Pittsburgh Area Students

Last week, our law firm brought the Edgar Snyder Save A Life Tour to five high schools in the Pittsburgh area. With prom and graduation season approaching, we felt it was a critical time to educate students on the horrific consequences of choosing to drink and drive.

Each school we visited was very different from the next, yet each faced similar obstacles in combating underage drinking and drinking and driving. The students were greeted with a graphic video and personal testimony before experiencing what it is like to drive under the influence in a DUI simulator. You could hear a pin drop in the auditoriums and gymnasiums as the students watched a high impact video and heard the personal testimony from someone whose life was changed forever due to a drunk driver.

There were some students who needed to take a break from this portion of the presentation to gather their emotions. This is the reaction we wanted to see. We want students to take it seriously. We want them to remember the consequences. At the end of the presentation, students had the opportunity to "drive" the DUI simulator and sign the Safe & Sober Pledge, empowering them to act on what they had just learned.

Throughout the week, our staff was told by students and parents of the impact the Edgar Snyder Save A Life Tour had on them. Most vowed that they would never drink and drive. We understand that when these students turn 21 they may choose to drink, but we want this presentation to remind them not to get behind the wheel. We want them to make the right choice. I wish we could bring this to every high school in Western Pennsylvania. I hope that by sponsoring this program in high schools we are saving lives.

Students tweeted us their reactions to the program:

If you are interested in having the Edgar Snyder Save A Life Tour come to your school, contact our Marketing Department for more information.