The Edgar Snyder Save A Life Tour: A Lasting Impact on Teen Drivers

students from save a life tour

Our law firm is proud to present the Edgar Snyder Save A Life Tour, which offers students a realistic, first-hand view of the dangers of drunk driving. The tour will reach thousands of students as it travels to six high schools in the Pittsburgh area. Here is the tour schedule:

  • April 15 – Western Beaver High School
  • April 16 – Fox Chapel High School
  • April 17 – Plum High School
  • April 18 – Neshannock High School
  • April 19 – Central Valley High School
  • April 25 -- Mohawk High School

The presentation begins with a video and testimony from an individual with a personal connection to drunk driving accidents. After this, students get to try a multi-million dollar DUI simulator, the same type of simulator used to train Air Force, Navy, Marine, and Army personnel. The simulator reacts differently to each student based on their size and weight, and allows them to navigate over 80 miles of simulated roadways. Students see how their control of the vehicle and reaction time decreases as their simulated impairment level increases. Students who experienced the tour last fall called it "a reality check," and a "major eye-opener."

After trying the DUI simulator, one student said, "I always knew there was drunk driving, but this made it real." This is the goal of our Save A Life Tour - to educate teens in a way that will have a profound impact. "[The tour] is something these teens won't soon forget," says Melissa Friez, principal of Allderdice High School, "and that may make all the difference."

Interested in having the Edgar Snyder Save A Life Tour come to your school? Contact our Marketing Department for more information.