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Prom and Graduation Celebrations Don't Mix With Alcohol

girls going to prom

Prom and graduation season is right around the corner. Dresses, tuxedos, parties, dancing and time spent with family and friends combine to make for a special few weeks, but it can quickly turn dangerous when alcohol is added to the mix.

That's why I encourage you to tune in to "No Fee TV", our law firm's weekly television program on PCNC, at 7:30 pm tomorrow. One of the partners, Attorney Michael Rosenzweig, will discuss our state's underage drinking and drunk driving laws. He'll also explain social host laws – when adults are held legally responsible for an underage drinker's accident that's the result of alcohol consumption.

Officer Robin Mungo, the Community Services and Public Information Officer for the Pittsburgh Station, will join Attorney Rosenzweig to discuss the legal consequences of underage drinking. She'll also demonstrate a breathalyzer and talk about what officers do when they bust parties.

We want you to be part of the conversation, so make sure you call in with any questions you have from 7:30 – 8 pm at 412-333-PCNC. We'd also appreciate your feedback on the show and any ideas you may have. You can contact us by: