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Published on Feb 13, 2013 by Edgar Snyder

Meet Our Attorneys: Erin Rudert Gives Advice to Aspiring Lawyers

Attorney Erin Rudert

One of the things that I'm most proud of about our law firm is our exceptional staff. I'd like to use this blog to introduce some of our attorneys – they do interesting and impressive things both inside and outside of the courtroom.

First up is Erin Rudert (pictured above), one of our associates. In addition to being an excellent attorney, she's also dedicated to mentoring young, aspiring lawyers. Keep reading to learn more about what advice she has for anyone interested in law as a career.

Why are you so passionate about mentoring?

There are so many attorneys who try to dissuade people from going to law school or who portray the profession as something to avoid, but I like to explain that the law touches upon everything. As far as professions go, there is something for almost everyone.

When did you begin mentoring students interested in law?

My mentorship activities began in my second year of law school, when I was assigned three "mentees." After having an ineffective mentor myself, I wanted to make sure other students didn't have the same experience. I found that I really enjoyed sharing my experiences with my mentees and helping them through their first year.

After I finished law school, I joined Edgar Snyder & Associates and continued my mentorship role by becoming heavily involved in the firm's law clerk hiring and supervision.

Did you always want to become a lawyer?

My first career path was going to be medicine, but as I started college I really thought about what I wanted to do with my life and what types of things I enjoyed. I worked in my dad's law firm all through high school and college, and I realized I liked what I did there so I decided to pursue law.

When I started law school, I still wasn't sure if law ultimately would be my career, but it's such a great and versatile starting point for so many things I knew it would benefit me regardless. Then I got hired as a law clerk here and fell in love with it.

If you could tell people interested in becoming a lawyer one thing, what would it be?

Being a lawyer is a very rewarding career. There are so many different practice areas and types of law that there really is something for everyone, regardless of background, interest, or skill set.

Do you have any tips for making it through law school?

Do what works for you. If you've been successful in school in the past, try not to get caught up in the "hype" that law school is somehow different. While the guidelines they give you about suggested study and preparation times are a good starting point, don't be afraid to do less (or more) depending on how you learn and retain information.

What's the most valuable professional lesson you've learned in your career?

You never know as much as you think you do. The law is always changing and evolving and even if you are an "expert" in an area of the law, there is always more to learn. Law is a profession where you can never become complacent or too confident in your knowledge.

What's something that law school didn't prepare you for professionally?

I could probably name more things law school didn't prepare me for than things it did. I think the single biggest thing in our practice that I was unprepared for coming out of law school was dealing with clients. Law school is very abstract and generally sterile and dispassionate, but the actual practice of law is quite personal and there are very real, life-altering consequences for our clients.

Tell Us What You'd Like to Know

I'd like to thank Erin for taking the time to provide her insight, and I hope that you've found what she has to say useful. Be sure to look for upcoming interviews with more of our attorneys.

If there's a particular topic or question you'd like one of our attorneys to cover, feel free to reach out to us by email, on Facebook, or on Twitter (@edgarsnyder).

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