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Published on Nov 26, 2012 by Edgar Snyder

New Study Reports a Dangerous Jump in Bounce House-Related Injuries

bounce house injuries

Bounce houses typically bring fun to children's birthday parties, county fairs, and other celebrations. However, according to a new study, injuries stemming from the use of these inflatable structures are on the rise.

The study, published today in the journal Pediatrics, asserts that more than 11,300 children were treated for bounce house-related injuries in 2010. This is equivalent to an injury every 46 minutes. This is double the amount in 2008 and 16 times the amount in 1995.

The majority of the bounce house injuries were fractures, sprains, and strains followed by injuries to the head, neck, and face. Falling and collisions with other jumpers were the most common cause of injury.

While the reason for the rise in bounce house injuries is unclear, the study authors propose that design changes as well as a rise in popularity may be to blame. They assert that the increase in injuries emphasizes the need for better safety guidelines and improvements in bouncer design.

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