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Published on Oct 12, 2012 by Edgar Snyder

Teen Driver Safety Week: Taking the Time to Think About What it Means

teen driver safety week

We've all heard statistics about teens and car crashes, but I don't want anyone to forget that there are actual people and lives behind those statistics. The Governor has declared next week Teen Driver Safety week.

It's great timing that The Edgar Snyder Save A Life Tour will travel to five area high schools next week. Yesterday's blog discusses the program in detail, but I will say that we've found it to be extremely powerful. I hope that the program moves the students and staff to go home and talk to their families and friends about what they learned. I hope that it starts a conversation about the very real impact drunk driving has and the things they can do to prevent it.

Here's a video preview of the program:

The state of Pennsylvania has also worked to protect teens' safety on the road recently, and in light of Teen Driver Safety week, officials are reminding residents of two pieces of legislation that went into effect in the past year. The first is Act 81, which strengthens the graduated driver licensing law. The second, Act 84, requires safety training for 16- and 17-year-olds seeking motorcycle licenses.

While the laws are one step in the right direction, they can only go so far. Our law firm sees all too often how profoundly the loss of a child impacts families and entire communities. It should be up to all of us – teens, parents, schools, and the community – to work together to help keep teens safe on the road.

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