Published on Jul 13, 2012 by Edgar Snyder

Employee "Shout Out" Program Recognizes Extra Effort

employee recognition

I love having the opportunity to write about the caring and hardworking group of people I work with at the law firm. In the past, I've applauded their volunteer activities and celebrated their professional achievements, but I also think their everyday acts of kindness and hard work are just as important.

Recently, we began a "Shout Out" program that allows employees to recognize their coworkers for going the extra mile and striving to make the firm a great place to be. In the three weeks since we started the program, there have already been 29 Shout Outs. Here are a few examples of the work recognized through this program:

  • One employee "…is very thoughtful and so when she heard about the United Way Day of Action, she got everyone in the office to join in to support this program that benefits local children. The office is collecting items for children who find themselves in a shelter without much or any of their personal belongings."
  • Another employee streamlined a process in our Social Security Disability department which, according to her Shout Out, means that, "… even on the busiest day, the legal secretary knows she is able to mail the necessary paperwork on the same day someone calls our office; this is especially imperative for callers who have been denied and only have 60 days to appeal their case."

I know how hardworking and dedicated our staff is. It's exciting to see team members recognizing each other for the good deeds they do every day. I cannot thank them enough for their commitment to their work and everything they do to meet (and exceed) our clients' needs.

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