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Published on Apr 27, 2012 by Edgar Snyder

It's Motorcycle Safety Month - Brush Up on the Basics

motorcycle safety month

There's nothing like the speed and power that comes from riding a motorcycle – open air on all sides, wind whipping across your face, and a smooth ride that's almost like flying. But sometimes people let this thrill get in the way of safety. With May being Motorcycle Safety Month, take this time to make sure your ride is as safe as possible.

There are enough factors you can't control – the weather, bad road conditions, and other drivers. So pay close attention to the things you can control. Our website has a number of resources to help, including safety tips, helmet and insurance laws, and how to maintain your motorcycle. I encourage you to look them over before you get on your bike:

  • Motorcycle Resources: These articles have information on everything from making safe upgrades to your bike to riding etiquette.
  • Motorcycle Statistics: National and Pennsylvania motorcycle accident statistics tell the true story of what can happen on the road. These are updated as soon as new information becomes available.
  • State-by-state Insurance Laws: The most recent information on motorcycle insurance so you can get the right coverage.
  • State-by-state Helmet Laws: The most up-to-date helmet laws for all states – make sure you're following the rules wherever you ride.

Enjoy your motorcycle, but not at the expense of your safety or anyone else's. In 2010, there were around 4,500 motorcycle accident deaths and 82,000 injuries nationally. In Pennsylvania, there were 200 deaths and almost 4,000 injuries. I've seen firsthand the devastation motorcycle accidents can cause, and while it's impossible to guarantee safety on the road, bikers should do what they can to protect themselves. Remember in May (and during the rest of the year) to stay safe and have a great ride.

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