Published on Apr 02, 2012 by Edgar Snyder

Pennsylvania Bicycle Safety Law

Pittsburgh has been making strides towards becoming a bicycle-friendly city in the past few years. Today, all of the city's efforts will get a little help from the law. Pennsylvania's new bicycle safety law goes into effect, and there are a few things cyclists and drivers need to know.

According to the new law:

  • When passing a bicyclist, drivers must allow at least four feet between their vehicle and the bicycle.
  • Drivers are permitted to cross the center double yellow line if necessary to provide the required four feet as long as it is safe to do so.
  • When traveling below the posted speed limit, cyclists must keep to the right side of the road unless they are making a left turn or riding on a one-way street.
  • If there is only one travel lane, bicyclists may use any portion of the lane to avoid hazards on the roadway.
  • No turn by a driver can interfere with a bicyclist who is proceeding straight on a roadway. Drivers attempting to turn left must yield the right of way to bicyclists traveling in the opposite direction.
  • It is illegal for motorists to force a bicyclist off of the road, and drivers who do this may face criminal charges.

As always, motorists and bicyclists should practice defensive driving and riding to help avoid an accident. Our firm's website has more information on bicycle safety tips.

"New law sets distance for vehicles passing bicycles." Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. March 30, 2012.
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