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Published on Dec 06, 2011 by Edgar Snyder

Could Your Cosmetics be Concealing Contaminants?

Contaminated cosmetics

According to reports submitted to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), your morning makeup routine could lead to some very undesirable side effects. Facial swelling, painful burning sensations, and irritating rashes have all been linked to contaminated cosmetics.

In late October, Purity Cosmetic's 100% Pure Cocoa Plum Eye Shadow was recalled after it was found to contain Pseudomonas Luteola, a microbiological agent that can lead to:

  • Peritonitis, inflammation of the abdomen
  • Cellulitis, a common skin infection caused by bacteria
  • Bacteremia, the presence of bacteria in the bloodstream

Then in November, John Frieda's Sheer Blonde Highlight Activating Enhancing Conditioner for Lighter Shades was taken off the shelves after microbial contamination was discovered.

Presently, the FDA has no legal authority that would subject cosmetics to premarket approval, like drugs and medical devices. The cosmetic companies are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that their products are tested for safety before they arrive in our stores.

Most cosmetics do contain preservatives that work to keep harmful bacteria, yeasts, and molds from forming. To further protect your health, follow these simple rules:

  • Don't store cosmetics in hot and humid areas of your house, like your bathroom.
  • Try not to share your cosmetics with friends which can lead to an increased risk of contamination.
  • If your cosmetics are old, don't hesitate to throw them away. Powders, pencils, lipstick, and gloss can last about 18 months. Creams, liquids, and moisturizers can last anywhere from six to 12 months.
  • Check out the firm's website for the latest product recalls.
Source: "Dangerous beauty: FDA discusses contaminated cosmetics." MSNBC.com. November 30, 2011.
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