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Published on Nov 02, 2011 by Edgar Snyder

Texting While Driving Tragedies – They're Not Just Statistics

Pennsylvania teen texting on the road

Texting while driving has made a lot of headlines over the past few months. A new bill banning texting while driving will likely take effect within the next few months.

Many people know texting while driving is dangerous, yet they do it anyway. Maybe you believe everything will be okay, because you text really fast and won't have your eyes off the road for very long. Perhaps you've been texting while driving for months and have never had an accident.

We all think, "It will never happen to me." But today I want to share with you a few real-life tragedies.

Deadly Accidents Happen Every Day

Just yesterday, a 17-year-old was killed when she was texting while driving. She was driving in Butler County when she drifted off the right shoulder of the road, overcorrected, and hit a tree.

While teenagers are texting, they spend about 10 percent of the time outside their driving lane. Answering a text takes a driver's attention away for about five seconds, which is enough time to travel the length of a football field. These are texting statistics we have on our law firm's website. Unfortunately, this 17-year-old driver became a statistic.

Learning the Hard Way

Over the weekend, a young woman posted on our law firm's fan page and told us about her recent accident. She admitted she was texting while driving when she crashed, and she now wants to share her experience with others. In addition to posting a photo of her badly bruised face, she wrote, "I am sharing this because I hope people will see what can happen when you look away from the road for even a split second."

A Daughter Became a Victim of Distracted Driving

One of the attorneys at a law firm we know well had a daughter who was killed by someone who was texting behind the wheel. Casey Feldman was 21 and a senior at Fordham University when she was hit as a pedestrian. She was an award-winning student journalist with her whole life ahead of her.

Please Sign Our Don't Text and Drive Pledge

My heart goes out to all the families who have experienced a distracted driving tragedy. I hope that, by understanding the danger of texting while driving, we can prevent these accidents in the future.

One way you can help is by taking our law firm's Don't Text and Drive pledge. By taking the pledge, you will be entered for a chance to win a Flip™ HD video camera.

Please, don't text and drive. No matter how short your text message is, or how important you think it is, it's never going to be worth your life or the life of someone else. Pull over if you really need to get in touch with someone, and avoid distracted driving at all costs. Having your eyes off the road for even a second could turn out to be a deadly mistake.

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