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Published on Jul 11, 2011 by Edgar Snyder

Study Reports Chantix Increases Risk of Heart Attack

unsafe smoking cessation drug Chantix

Just over a week ago, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reported that patients taking the smoking cessation drug Chantix may be at risk for heart problems, including heart attack. Now researchers are claiming the drug may increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes by as much as 72 percent.

The findings were published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal and were based on a review of 14 studies of more than 8,200 smokers or those who use smokeless tobacco. The majority of the participants had no increased risk of heart disease. About half took Chantix, while the others were given a placebo. About twice as many of the people who took Chantix experienced heart problems than those who took the placebo.

The article comes just a few weeks after the FDA announced that it would add new warnings to the drug's label regarding its dangerous heart-related side effects. Chantix was approved in May 2006 and has been used by millions of Americans to quit smoking. Sales have declined, however, since 2008 – when the prescription medication was linked to risk of suicidal thoughts and depression.

Those taking Chantix should not stop taking the medication before consulting their physicians. For more information about dangerous drugs, visit EdgarSnyder.com.

"Study: Stop-Smoking Drug Chantix Ups Risk of Heart Problems." USAToday.com. July 6, 2011.
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