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Published on Jun 22, 2011 by Edgar Snyder

Update: More Unnecessary Heart Stent Surgery Lawsuits Expected

heart stent risks

Update – Edgar Snyder & Associates Partner Michael Rosenzweig was quoted in a recent Pittsburgh Tribune-Review saying that he expects to fight a bitter battle against Excela Health.

The law firm currently represents about 30 patients from the original 141 who received letters about the potentially unnecessary heart stent surgeries they underwent in 2010. Last week Excela reported that an additional 51 people may have undergone heart stent surgeries when they didn't need them, following a review of procedures conducted in 2009.

A Westmoreland County judge will help determine on July 20 whether the pending lawsuits will become part of a class action. Those who may have been a victim of an unnecessary heart stent surgery are encouraged to visit EdgarSnyder.com for a no-cost legal consultation.

Excela Health Finds 51 More Unnecessary Heart Stent Surgeries

Excela Health found that an additional 51 patients underwent heart stent surgeries that may not have been necessary. In 2009 and 2010 combined, 192 patients may have received heart stents at Westmoreland Hospital when they didn't need them.

The study followed a review of patients who underwent heart stent surgery in 2010, and focused on patients who received heart stents in 2009 under the care of Dr. Ehad Morcos and Dr. George Bousamra. Excela identified the 51 patients as it reviewed the 520 coronary stent procedures conducted in 2009.

Hospital officials also reported that a patient underwent heart stent surgery in 2010, and later died from complications with heart bypass surgery. However, it is unknown whether the death was related to the heart stent procedure.

A heart stent is a tiny wire mesh device designed to keep open clogged arteries in the heart. When used correctly, it improves blood flow to the heart and relieves chest pain and discomfort related to heart disease.

Patients who received heart stents and didn't need them are at risk for blood clots and a heart attack, as well as other medical complications – especially within the first two years of receiving the stent, although they can occur years after the stent procedure. Typically patients have to take blood thinners, which help reduce the risk of blood clot. Unfortunately, the blood thinners can also cause serious side effects.

For more information on heart stent surgeries and medical mistakes, please visit EdgarSnyder.com.

"51 More Unneeded Stents Admitted, Excela Finds." Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Jun 22, 2011.
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