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Published on Dec 02, 2010 by Edgar Snyder

Test Your Winter Driving Knowledge With Our Quiz

safe winter driving

We've had our first dusting of snow this week, and even though it might not look like much, this type of weather can be particularly dangerous. It's deceptive because the lack of snow accumulation causes people to drive as though the streets are clear, but the cold temperatures and precipitation mean that black ice and slippery roads can be lurking anywhere.

We should all drive with extra caution, and below are some winter weather rules that I encourage everyone to put into practice now. After you read through the tips, head over to our firm's site to test your knowledge with our Winter Driving Quiz.

  • Keep your lights and your windshield clean and clear of snow.
  • Turn your headlights on so other drivers can see your car.
  • Slow down and leave a lot of room to stop.
  • Always break gently to avoid sliding or skidding.
  • Never use overdrive or cruise control on icy roads.
  • Use low gears to maintain traction, especially on steep hills.
  • Don't pass snow plows and sanding trucks.
  • Remember that bridges and overpasses freeze first.
  • More Winter Driving Tips

Be careful and be safe out there!

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