Published on Nov 24, 2010 by Edgar Snyder

Pennsylvania Job Deaths Lowest in Years

Pennsylvania job deaths

There were 166 people killed on the job in Pennsylvania last year. That's the lowest number since 1992, when the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics began keeping records.

Highway accidents were the most common cause of workplace deaths, killing 34 people. Other causes were:

  • "Falling to a lower level" – 27 people
  • Workplace homicides – 14 people
  • Pedestrian accidents – 12 people
  • Suicide – 11 people
  • Being struck by an object or equipment – 10 people
  • Caught in or crushed by equipment – 7 people
  • Exposure to caustic, noxious, or allergenic substances – 7 people
  • Non-highway accidents – 7 people

Workplace deaths have been falling throughout the years – the annual high in the 2000s was 241 in 2008, compared to 282 for the 90s in 1996. Last year's low coincided with a record high unemployment rate.

Source: "Pa. job deaths lowest in 17 years." Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. November 17, 2010.
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