Published on Nov 24, 2010 by Edgar Snyder

Children's Medications Recalled by Johnson & Johnson

Children's medication recalled

Johnson & Johnson has announced a massive recall of over-the-counter children's medications. The recall includes four million packages of children's Benadryl tablets and 800,000 bottles of junior-strength Motrin.

According to Johnson & Johnson, "insufficiencies in the development of the manufacturing process" were discovered at the wholesale and retail levels. Included in the recall are cherry- and grape-flavored Benadryl Allergy Fastmelt Tables and Junior Strength Motrin caplets. The company said that consumers don't have to take any action, as the recall is not related to the quality of the product.

In a separate action, Johnson & Johnson has also recalled 71,000 packages of cherry-flavored Rolaids tablets after consumer complaints about the consistency of the texture.

Source: "Over-the-counter children's medicines recalled." November 23, 2010.
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