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Published on Oct 01, 2010 by Edgar Snyder

$1 Million Verdict in Cambria County Case

$1 million verdict in Cambria County

(Cambria County, PA: October 1, 2010) - Last night, 27-year-old Kurtis Carper of Altoona, PA, received the justice he was seeking after five years of medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering. A jury awarded him $1,000,000 for injuries he sustained in a slip and fall accident that occurred the afternoon of March 3, 2005. "I believe this may be the second largest verdict in Cambria County," said Attorney Todd Berkey, a partner with Edgar Snyder & Associates who represented Mr. Carper.

Mr. Carper, who was 22 years old at the time, was working for O'Neill Tap Cleaning. His job was to regularly clean beer taps at area bars, taverns and restaurants. For three years — every week — he had been servicing the Polish National Alliance Group 1327 in Moxham, PA. To enter the bar, Mr. Carper regularly used the side entrance that was accessible from a set of six steps. Unfortunately, on March 3, 2005, as Mr. Carper was descending the outside steps to access the bar, he slipped and fell on black ice that had accumulated on the steps. As a result, several small bones in Mr. Carper's right foot were severely fractured. The injury required six surgeries, severely impacted his mobility, and left Mr. Carper unable to work for five years. The injury was also a contributing factor for Mr. Carper gaining nearly 165 pounds on his 220-pound frame.

Since Mr. Carper was released from his orthopedic surgeon's care in March 2009, he took the initiative to return to school and earn his GED. He then attended and graduated from the Greater Altoona Career & Technology Center and now works as an apprentice electrician. He has also lost 150 pounds and was "motivated to turn his life around instead of allowing his injuries to negatively impact his life," says Attorney Berkey. "The verdict will cover his significant medical expenses, the five years of lost paychecks, and the pain and suffering he endured. This is why I am motivated to practice injury law — to help victims seriously injured in accidents to put their lives back together."

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