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Published on Sep 24, 2010 by Edgar Snyder

Tips to Help You Manage Driving Distractions

distracted driving

This week the Department of Transportation held a distracted driving summit to discuss and develop strategies to curb driving distractions. While it's extremely important for lawmakers to address these types of issues, it's just as important for us, as drivers, to take responsibility and do what we can to end distracted driving.

To help with this, the Governors Highway Safety Association has compiled tips to help manage driving distractions. I know that some of them seem obvious, but I think they're also often forgotten, so please try and remember to follow these suggestions.

1. Turn off your cell phone or put it on silent before you get in the car.

2. Pull over if you need to make or receive a call.

3. Ask a passenger to make the call if you need to get in touch with someone.

4. Don't ever text and drive, go online and drive, or read your email and drive.

5. Review maps and directions before you begin driving. Pull over if you need to check them while you're on the road.

6. Make sure you secure pets properly before you start your car.

7. Pull over if you need to address a problem with your child.

8. Only focus on driving – avoid anything that takes your eyes of the road.

9. Know the cell phone laws in your state.

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