Published on Aug 10, 2010 by Edgar Snyder

Are Injuries Contagious? Doctors Investigate

child injury

New findings are proving what many of us already know: sometimes bad things seem to happen one right after another.

A recent study done by a doctor from the University of Washington has found that if a child is injured seriously enough to be hospitalized, other children in the household have a significantly higher risk of unrelated injury for the next three months. Children can be left feeling anxious and jittery after serious accidents, and these feelings make them more likely to have an accident of their own. So, if someone in your home is seriously injured, talk to your kids about the accident and help put them at ease.

There are also ways to safeguard your family. Experts say the most effective strategies are also some the simplest: seatbelts, bicycle helmets, and pool safety. Make sure everyone buckles up in your car. If you have a pool, take necessary safety measures, including fencing around the entire perimeter. And bicycle helmets should always be worn by the entire family while biking.

You can check out our firm's Summer Safety Tips and Home Safety Tips pages for more information on keeping your children safe. Have a safe and happy summer vacation!

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