Published on Jul 29, 2010 by Edgar Snyder

Items at Yard Sales May Be Dangerous

yard sale toys

Yard sales are extremely popular during the warm months, and because of the rough economic times, people are increasingly looking for ways to earn some extra money and find good deals.

It's true that bargains can be found at yard sales, but there are also some safety issues that you should keep in mind. The safety advocacy group Kids in Danger has pointed out that many recalled items turn up at yard sales, and because sellers don't realize that they're offering dangerous goods, it's especially important for buyers to be vigilant.

Here a few tips that sellers and buyers can use to try and avoid the sale of unsafe products:

  • Do not purchase toys in categories that have been subject to large recalls. Examples: painted toys from China, Aqua Dots, Thomas the Tank Engine trains, and toys containing magnets. Check the Consumer Product Safety Commission's website before you head out to yard sales to learn about product recalls.
  • Be cautious of cribs and other used nursery equipment. Anything over five years old may not be safe.
  • Never buy or sell a used car seat or bike helmet.
  • If you are shopping for an infant or toddler, bring along a toilet paper tube. Anything small enough to fit in the tube is a choking hazard.
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