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Published on Dec 16, 2009 by Edgar Snyder

PA Drunk Driving Laws Draw Criticism

PA Drunk Driving Laws

Did you know that in Pennsylvania, a "loophole law" permits people arrested for drunk driving to legally get back behind the wheel? Did you also know that many times, despite state laws, people caught driving with a suspended license don't go to jail?

According to Pittsburgh news station WTAE, our state's drunk driving laws are drawing criticism for keeping dangerous drivers on the road. Essentially, the law says that a person's license can't be seized until there is a DUI conviction. This means that a drunk driver can cause a deadly crash, be arrested by the police, and then get right back on the road.

Furthermore, the article says that even a conviction and suspended license don't keep many drunk drivers off of the road. WTAE reports that one local family knows this all too well. Fifteen-year-old Alexzandra Loos was walking home from school five years ago when a car struck and killed her. It was the driver's 17th citation for driving with a license that had been suspended due to a DUI.

As a result, Alexzandra's father created "Alex's Law," which says that if someone is caught driving with a suspended license three or more times, their car would be seized. Though the bill has been stuck in the state Legislature since 2004, it has the support of state police, and WTAE says that Mr. Loos is hopeful about its future.

It would be wonderful if our state's drunk driving laws were strengthened. Our law firm is all too familiar with the ramifications of drunk driving, and if anything can be done to prevent even one accident from happening, it should. If you'd like more information on drunk driving, you can check out our firm's website.  And above all else, please don't drink and drive!

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