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Published on Apr 03, 2009 by Edgar Snyder

Yamaha Recalls 145,000 Rhino UTVs

Yamaha recalls 145,000 UTVs that were involved in 46 deaths

After 46 driver and passenger deaths, Yamaha Motor Corp. has announced that it is recalling about 145,000 Rhino two-seat utility vehicles (UTV) for repairs. The three model numbers involved in the recall are 450, 660, and 700.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) said consumers should stop driving the UTVs until repairs have been made, and Yamaha has agreed to stop selling the three models until they're fixed. The repairs are intended to reduce the chance of a rollover accident and to reduce injuries in the event of one. Owners should call their dealer to arrange the repairs.

The majority of the 50-plus Yamaha UTV incidents investigated by the CPSC were rollovers, many of which involved unbelted occupants. The agency said that many of the rollover deaths and hundreds of the reported injuries seem to involve turns at relatively low speeds on level ground.

Yamaha says that Rhino users should adhere to the safety guidelines in their owner's manual and on the UTV's warning stickers.

Source: "Off-road Vehicles Recalled after 46 deaths." ABCnews.com. March 31, 2009.
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