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Published on May 20, 2008 by Edgar Snyder

Cell Phone Use Popular While Driving Despite Car Accident Risk

Driving Distractions Present Safety Risk

Daydreaming, fiddling with the radio, and using a cell phone have been cited in three-fourths of the United States' dangerous driving incidents. Although most Americans believe that talking on the phone and texting are the most dangerous behaviors behind the wheel, 81 percent of drivers admit to making phone calls while driving.

The Transportation Safety Group at the National Safety Council found that distracted drivers account for nearly 80 percent of car crashes. A survey conducted by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company reported that older drivers are more likely than teens to multitask while driving. Experts believe that this may because adults have more responsibilities to juggle and feel that they have enough driving experience to avoid automobile accidents on the road.

The survey also found that teenagers and Generation Y (ages 18-30) drivers are more likely to send text messages while driving. Survey respondents did not agree on what measures should be taken to put a stop to unsafe driving practices. About 43 percent support technology that automatically disables phones when the car is started, 42 percent want tougher laws against cell phone use, and 41 percent think that staying off of the phone is the driver's responsibility.

Source: "Staying connected and safe are at odds on road." USA Today. May 18, 2008.
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