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Published on Dec 13, 2007 by Edgar Snyder

Hib Vaccine Recall due to PA Factory

Hib vaccine

One million doses of a vaccine given to children as young as two months old have been recalled due to questions about the sterility of their Pennsylvania manufacturing facility. Merck has recalled 12 lots of Hib vaccines used to prevent meningitis and pneumonia for fear of contamination.

Two types of Hib vaccines produced at the tainted West Point, PA plant are included in the recall. The majority of the recall pertains to standard Hib vaccinations, while two of the lots are combination Hib and hepatitis B vaccines.

The Hib shot is administered in three doses to all children less than five years of age. The vaccine may be given to kids two months or older. Contamination was not found in the vaccine itself, but Merck has deemed the factory to have sterilization problems.

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Source: "Merck Recalls Childhood Vaccine" By Mike Stobbe. TIME.com. Dec 12, 2007.
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