Published on Mar 09, 2007 by Edgar Snyder

Energy Drink Hospitalizes Students

Energy Drink

Attention parents – watch out for Spike Shooter or other energy drinks that may contain excessive levels of the drug, caffeine, which can be dangerous for children under 18. Spike Shooter, an energy drink made by Biotest Laboratories LLC., has hospitalized several students from a Colorado high school. It has been banned from the school, as well as all Colorado 7-Eleven stores.

The drink made the students sick and shaky, elevating their heart rates to dangerous levels. The manufacturer’s warning cautions consumers that Spike Shooter is not for those under 18, elderly, with high blood pressure, or affected by a lengthy list of conditions.

Spike Shooter contains 300 milligrams of caffeine per 8.4 ounces, the amount of about two to three cups of coffee. The drink is available nationally in stores or through the company’s website.

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Source: "Colorado high school bans energy drink." By Chase Squires. The Associated Press. February 23, 2007.
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