Published on Jul 12, 2006 by Edgar Snyder

Journal Corrects Vioxx Study Results


The New England Journal of Medicine corrected results of a previously published Vioxx study. This came as a result of discovering Merck used a faulty statistical analysis. The New England Journal of Medicine believed Merck’s findings about Vioxx only being dangerous to people using the drug for 18 months or longer should be removed from their publication.

Lawyers suing Merck feel that the Journal’s correction should throw out Merck’s defense that Vioxx has to be taken for 18 months or longer for adverse effects to occur. Attorneys also believe a major obstacle has been removed in getting verdicts against Merck.

Merck still maintains that increased risk was seen after 18 months of use and the Journal’s correction does not change the data found in the study.

Drug litigation may involve co-counsel.

Source: “Journal suggests Vioxx risk may appear earlier.” By Kevin McCoy. USA Today. June 27, 2006.
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