Published on Mar 15, 2006 by Edgar Snyder

FDA Sets Warning on Dietary Supplements

Dietary Supplements

A warning was issued to companies selling two dietary supplements with synthetic steroids—the products are illegal and can not be sold. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Anabolic Xtreme Superdrol and Methyl-1-P are sold as muscle builders but may cause serious long-term health problems.

The synthetic steroids can lead to several things including higher risks of heart attack and stroke. Anyone who has bought the products should immediately stop taking them and return them to the store where they were purchased.

The warning came the same day a consumer expert told the House of Government Reform Committee that dietary supplements need to be tested before being allowed on the market. Without the FDA’s supervision, many products that should not be on the market are being sold to unsuspecting consumers.

For more information about dangerous drugs, visit the Dangerous Drug Legal Center.

Drug litigation may involve co-counsel.

Source: “FDA Issues Warning on Dietary Supplements.” The Associated Press. March 10, 2006.
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