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Published on Feb 13, 2006 by Edgar Snyder

Antidepressants Harmful to Newborns’ Lungs


Antidepressants, already known as being harmful to unborn babies, now have another pre-natal side effect, persistent pulmonary hypertension.

Persistent pulmonary hypertension, a lung disorder found in 1 to 2 newborns out of every 1,000 on average, can be fatal. Findings published in The New England Journal of Medicine show that babies exposed to antidepressants in the last three months of pregnancy were six times more likely to contract the disorder.

The antidepressants include:

  • Celexa
  • Zoloft
  • Paxil
  • Prozac

Pregnant women using antidepressants should consult their doctors before making a decision to stop taking the medication. When a patients stops taking antidepressants, they run the risk of a relapse or withdrawal symptoms.

For more information about dangerous drugs, visit our Dangerous Drug and Recall Legal Center.

Source: “Antidepressants May Harm Infants’ Lungs, Report Says.” By Benedict Carey. New York Times. February 9, 2006.

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