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Published on Dec 20, 2005 by Edgar Snyder

FDA Pulls Imaging Drug

Imaging Drug

NeutroSpec, an imaging agent used to diagnose internal infections, has been pulled from the market after being linked to two deaths, 20 severe reactions, and 46 other “less” severe reactions.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), patients suffered serious reactions minutes after NeutroSpec was injected into their system. In some cases, patients suffered heart attacks and a drop in blood pressure. Palatin Technologies, Inc. defended the drug claiming the deaths and other problems occurred in patients with pre-existing heart conditions when NeutroSpec was administered for “off label” uses. Off-label usage of drugs is illegal and happens when a FDA-approved product is used for non-approved circumstances.

NeutroSpec is successful in detecting clumps of white blood cells that indicate an internal infection, such as appendicitis. Palatin Technologies has voluntarily agreed to suspend the sale of NeutroSpec and is working with the FDA to determine the cause of these dangerous reactions.

For more information about dangerous drugs, visit our Dangerous Drug and Recall Legal Center.

Disclaimer: All drug-related litigation will involve co-counsel.

Source: “Appendicitis-Diagnosing Agent is Withdrawn from Market.” By William Buckeley. The Wall Street Journal. December 20, 2005.
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