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Published on Jul 11, 2005 by Edgar Snyder

FDA Issues Second Antidepressant Warning


If you’re taking antidepressants, consider the dangers, again. The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is urging patients to be monitored closely for warning signs of suicide, especially when they first start taking the pills or change dosage.

This is the second warning issued by the FDA, which cautioned patients about taking antidepressant drugs a year ago. Last year, the agency ordered drugmakers to include suicide risks on antidepressant labels.

Since then, several studies published in medical journals mention the possible link between antidepressant drugs and suicide. These studies led the FDA to issue the new public warning, reminding doctors and patients to watch closely for suicidal tendencies or increased depression and, if needed, seek medical help.

For more information about antidepressants and other dangerous drugs, visit our Recalled Drugs and Other Drug Alerts Legal Center.

Source: “FDA warns anew about antidepressants.” The Associated Press. July 2, 2005.
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