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The Best Lawyers honor is based on exhaustive peer reviews conducted by the top attorneys in the country.

Being selected as a Best Lawyer is not an easy task. In fact, Corporate Counsel magazine has called Best Lawyers "the most respected referral list of attorneys in practice." The rigorous process involves nomination, peer review, and verification.

That's why Edgar Snyder & Associates is proud to have the following attorneys included in The Best Lawyers in America*: Attorney John Belak, Attorney Todd Berkey, Attorney Cynthia Danel, Attorney James Garver, Attorney Gerald Hutton, Attorney Dennis Liotta, Attorney Jason Lichtenstein, Attorney Jennifer Matassa, Attorney Ken Nolan, Attorney Richard Rosenthal, and Attorney Michael Rosenzweig.

Our Law Firm's Best Lawyers®

How Best Lawyers® Are Selected

Best Lawyers Nomination Process

Lawyers are nominated to Best Lawyers in the following three ways:

1. All of the lawyers in the previous edition of Best Lawyers are automatically nominated into the next edition.

2. During the voting process, voting lawyers are asked to nominate any outstanding lawyers who have not yet been nominated.

3. Finally, Best Lawyers allows marketing directors to nominate lawyers from their own firms.

Best Lawyers Voting Process

In established practice specialties, the voting pool mainly consists of lawyers listed in the previous edition of Best Lawyers. Nominees who get especially high votes may also be asked to vote. When new specialties are created, the voting pool consists of listed lawyers in related specialties and/or listed lawyers in the same specialty in another jurisdiction, as well as nominees who receive high votes.

Voting lawyers are all asked the same question: "If you could not handle a case yourself, to whom would you refer it?" Lawyers then give nominees 5-1 numerical grades – 5 meaning "definitely refer", 4 being "probably refer", and 3 for "maybe refer." When all of the consultations are compiled, ratings are averaged. The average required for inclusion in Best Lawyers depends upon the average for all the nominees within the specialty and the geographic area.

Verification Process

When selections are finalized, the selected lawyers are checked against state bar association sanction lists to make sure that every lawyer is in good standing with the ethics committee of his or her state bar.

*The Best Lawyers in America (r) 2015. Copyright 2014 by Woodward/White, Inc., Aiken, SC.

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