ATV Safety Tips

four wheeling in the woods

ATVs can be a fun way to spend time outside with friends and family. But, like other activities that involve high speeds, heavy machinery, and rough terrain, riding an ATV can be dangerous.

That's why it's important to follow some basic safety tips every time you ride to help prevent ATV accidents and serious injuries from four-wheeling.

  • Take a hands-on safety training course. Training courses teach drivers how to control ATVs in typical situations they will experience while riding. Drivers with hands-on training also have a lower risk of injury than those who do not have any formal training.
  • Wear protective gear. First, get a U.S. Department of Transportation-certified helmet. Helmets are especially important, because most injuries from ATV accidents are traumatic brain injuries. Drivers should also consider wearing over-the-ankle boots, goggles, gloves, long pants, and long-sleeved shirts to protect against abrasions and debris.
  • Be cautious with passengers. A driver must be able to easily shift their weight or position to adapt to different terrains and situations, and passengers can make it difficult for drivers to control their ATV. (Their additional weight could help cause an accident.) Make sure your ATV is equipped to carry a passenger, and know how to carry a passenger correctly and safely.
  • Avoid paved roads. ATVs aren't designed to drive on paved roads. It can be difficult to control ATVs on paved roads, and it adds even more safety hazards – like cars, pedestrians, and other vehicles.
  • Don't let children drive or ride adult ATVs. Nearly one-third of all ATV-related deaths and injuries involve children, and children under age 16 are twice as likely to be injured on an adult-ATV as those riding youth ATVs.
  • Always ride sober. Riding an ATV requires a driver's full attention. Drugs and alcohol can weaken a driver's judgment and reaction time, which are two essential skills for safe ATV use.
  • Follow the laws. Pennsylvania has ATV laws to help keep riders and others safe. Know the laws, and follow them – it could save your life. For information on ATV laws in all 50 states, visit our state-by-state ATV laws page.

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