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West Virginia ATV Law

West Virginia

W. Va. Code, § 17F-1-1. Acts prohibited by operator; penalties for violations W. Va. Code, § 17F-1-1.
Title required by law. Minimum age 18 unless in possession of safety certificate. Must have muffler and spark arrester. Helmet required for persons under age 18. More than one passenger prohibited and passenger under age 18 prohibited unless operator has specified driver's license or is at least 18, unless ATV is designed to carry a passenger. No ATV may be operated anytime from sunset to sunrise without an illuminated headlight or lights and taillights. No ATV may be operated on any interstate highway except by public safety personnel responding to emergencies. No ATV may be operated on any road or highway with a center line or more than two lanes except for purpose of crossing the road, street, or highway if the headlight and taillight are illuminated when the crossing is made if the vehicle is so equipped. An all-terrain vehicle may, for the sole purpose of getting from one trail, field or area of operation to another, be operated upon the shoulder of any road, street or highway, other than an interstate highway, for a distance not to exceed ten miles, if:

  • The vehicle is operated at speeds of twenty-five miles per hour or less; and
  • The vehicle is operated at any time from sunset to sunrise, the all- terrain vehicle must be equipped with headlights and taillights which must be illuminated

Does not apply if the all-terrain vehicle is operated exclusively on lands owned or leased by the vehicle owner or on private lands of others with the owner's permission. § 17F-1-5 Does not apply to the use or operation of all-terrain vehicles for lawful non-recreational commercial purposes, including, but not limited to, farm use, oil and gas operations, timbering, surveying and public utilities access. § 17F-1-6.

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