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North Dakota ATV Law

North Dakota

N.D. Admin. Code 37-04-01-03. Permitted use of highway rights of way.
A person having a valid operator's license may operate a registered recreational vehicle upon the ditch bottoms, back-slopes, and the top of the backslope on any state highway.

37-04-01-05. Transitory operation on shoulder, inslope, or roadway.
A person may operate a recreational vehicle upon the shoulder, inslope, or roadway of a state highway only when an obstruction prevents the safe operation of the recreational vehicle upon the ditch bottom and the backslope. The operation on the shoulder, inslope, or roadway shall be for the sole purpose of avoiding the obstruction and upon passing the obstruction, the operator shall return the recreational vehicle to the ditch bottom of backslope.

37-04-01-08. Headlamps.
All recreational vehicles shall be equipped with at least one headlamp mounted in front of the vehicle.

37-04-01-09. Taillamps.
All recreational vehicles shall be equipped with at least one taillamp being so mounted to be visible to the rear of the vehicle.

37-04-01-10. Brakes.
Recreational vehicles shall be equipped with brakes capable of controlling the vehicles under normal operating conditions.

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