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Mont. Code Ann. § 23-2-804. Decal required
Decal required, must be displayed according to regulation.

23-2-821. Off-highway crossings of public roads--use of certain forest development roads
An off-highway vehicle may make a direct crossing of a public road when the crossing is necessary to get to another authorized area of operation. An off-highway vehicle may not be operated on or across a highway that is part of the federal-aid interstate system. An off-highway vehicle may be operated on or across a forest development road if the road has been designated and approved for off-highway vehicle use by the United States forest service.

23-2-824. Operation on public roads, streets, and highways
A person may operate an off-highway vehicle on a controlled-access highway or facility only if the vehicle is registered and licensed and the operator possesses a license to drive the vehicle. Off-highway vehicle operation is permitted on the roadway or shoulder of any public road or highway, state highway, county road, or city street located within the boundaries of any municipality only if the operator has received permission from the municipality in the case of town or city streets, the board of county commissioners for county roads, or the state highway patrol for all other highways, or as authorized by municipal ordinance. An off-highway vehicle may not be operated on public roads unless it is equipped with at least one headlamp and one taillamp, which must be lighted at all times during operation, and a suitable braking device operable by either hand or foot. An operator is exempt from the requirement to possess a license when operating an off-highway vehicle on public roads if the person is between 16 and 12 years of age, and has a safety certificate, and is in the physical presence of a person who possesses a license to drive a motor vehicle.

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