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Operators must have valid driver's license which is in the operator's possession, or a Maryland instruction and examination learner's permit and accompanied by a licensed driver. Minors must be 12 years old or older and accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who is the holder of a valid driver's license which is in the parent's or guardian's possession. Must have registration sticker to be renewed annually and displayed in accordance with regulation.
Md. Code Regs.

An ORV may not be operated on Department lands unless it conforms to applicable State laws and regulations relating to registration, operation, and inspection requirements, and is equipped with:

  • at least one headlight and one red tail light that are operational between sundown and sunrise; a braking system adequate to control the movement and to stop and hold the vehicle under all operating conditions; and
  • a muffler or other effective noise suppression system in good working order that is in constant operation and maintained and operated in a manner to prevent excessive or unusual noise

Operators must wear protective headgear and eye-protection or a windscreen. Three-wheel vehicles are prohibited from use on a State ORV trail unless the three-wheel vehicle is registered and meets all other ORV requirements.
Md. Code Regs.

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