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Secrets That Car Insurance Companies Don't Want You to Know

If you've seen our commercials then you may already know that the insurance company doesn't always have your best interests in mind. It's the insurance adjuster's job to save them money.

Research and statistics show that the insurance company will always try to pay you less than you deserve for your injuries. Here are a few examples:

The Three D's: Delay, Deny, and Defend

A report from the blog of CNN's Anderson Cooper uncovered a practice used by the insurance company to deny you the compensation you may deserve if you've been injured in an accident. This insurance company tactic is called The Three D's: Delay, Deny, and Defend.

  • Delay handling your injury claim.
  • Deny you were hurt in the accident.
  • Defend their decision in lengthy legal battles.

Research Proves That Lawyers Get You More Money

A report by the Insurance Research Council (IRC) highlights the power of hiring an attorney to help you defend your rights if you've been injured in accident. In "Paying for Auto Injuries," a 1999 Consumer Panel Survey of Auto Accident Victims, the IRC reveals this information:

  • Injured victims receive an average of 40 percent more money just by consulting a lawyer to learn their rights.
  • Injured victims receive an average of 3 ½ times more money before legal fees when they hire a lawyer to defend their rights.

Tips for Dealing with the Insurance Company

If you've been in an accident, there are a few rules you should follow when you're dealing with the insurance company. Remember that the insurance company representing the person at fault for your injuries is out to save their company money, not give you the compensation you deserve.

  • Don't sign any papers before speaking with an attorney.
  • Don't record a statement before consulting with a lawyer.

Don't forget – these rules apply to the insurance company representing the person responsible for your injuries. It's okay to speak with your insurance representative – just don't record or sign anything for the other person's insurance company.

"Paying for Auto Injuries." Consumer Panel Survey of Auto Accident Victims. Insurance Research Council. 1999.
"Insurance companies fight paying billions in claims." By Drew Griffin. Anderson Cooper Blog 360°. CNN.com. February 07, 2007.
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