Accidents on Vacation

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Good Times Gone Bad: Accidents Happen Anywhere

Vacations are best for getting away from it all. You can enjoy the sun and the beach, the snowy slopes and fireside cocoa, or anything in between. You might even try new experiences like jet skiing, snorkeling, snowboarding, or any other type of vacation activity.

However, many don't consider that accidents can happen anywhere at any time. Next to your Bermuda shorts and suntan lotion, did you remember to pack your health insurance card and list of allergens?

It's not something we often remember when we're gearing up for our vacation. In fact, the last thing we want to think about is getting injured while we're out of the state or the country.

Know Your Rights and Responsibilities on Vacation

Wherever your destination or adventure may take you, we can help if you're injured along the way. Keep these help points in mind:

  • State-by-State – Unsure where to look when it comes to state laws? Check out our guide to state-by-state laws. We have everything from Motorcycle Helmet Laws to State Leash Laws – and everything in between.
  • The Insurance Question – What happens if you're in an auto accident in a different state – or country for that matter? What state's insurance laws do you follow? In most cases, your PA auto insurance will determine your rights. Also, your first-party medical benefits follow you if you travel to another state or country.
  • New State, New Laws – Keep in mind that different states enforce different laws. This includes insurance claims as well. If you're injured on vacation, we encourage you to call our law firm for a free legal consultation. We can help answer questions and determine your best course of action.
  • Taking Other Vehicles? – Are you planning to take your boat, ATV, motorcycle or other vehicle along? Make sure you have adequate insurance coverage. Many of these don't offer medical insurance, so make sure you have personal health insurance as well.

Injury Spoiled Your Vacation? We Can Help

If you were injured on vacation, our legal professionals can get you the help you need. Our consultations are absolutely free, and we'll help determine your best course of action after an accident.

Just give us a call at 412-394-1000 any time – day or night. We're standing by to help after your injury. It's free to call, and you're never required to hire our law firm once you speak with us. Get the legal help you need.